Foldable Sunglasses Organizer



The Foldable & Innovative Case You Need to Keep Your Sunglasses Organized, Protected and Scratch-Free

Sunglasses are one of those accessories that can never be found when you need them.

They are often lost, misplaced, or damaged. The worst is scratches on the lenses that ruin your vision leaving you in need of a scratch repair. We know it's frustrating and expensive...

This amazing sunglasses organizer is the right solution for you.

It features a space-saving design with 6 compartments. Fold it up or roll it out. The innovative design guarantees to keep ALL glasses secure, protected, and scratch-free.

Large enough to secure six pairs of sunglasses of ALL sizes including Oversized sunglasses. 

Fitted with Exterior and Interior Fasteners

The exterior of the travel sunglasses organizer is fitted with not one or two fasteners, but, THREE Secure button clasp fasteners, not magnetic strips, guaranteeing the organizer stays closed.


No Accidental Unfastening and Glasses Falling Out

Once open, EACH interior pocket includes Velcro fasteners preventing glasses from falling out when the organizer is opened. This means a SAFE, SCRATCH-RESISTANT beautiful sunglass box that will display, store and keep eyewear ready to go always!

Super Travel Compatible

The innovative folding design makes this a perfect compact travel sunglasses organizer. Not just for sunglasses. For ALL valuables from sunglasses, to driving specs, to watches and jewellery for men and women.

 Stunning Aesthetics & Designer Appeal

Made of vegan PU leather with a unique crocodile texture, this multiple glasses case has an UBER designer appeal. The interior is as gorgeous as the crocodile pattern on the exterior. Aesthetically pleasing, designer appeal, and protective inside and out.

"It's just what I needed to transport my glasses on vacation. I will never lose another pair of sunglasses again with this case." Cynthia R.

Velvet Soft Inner Lining to Ensure Your Glasses Are Protected

The ENTIRE interior of this sunglass travel case is fully-lined with soft flannel fabric for ultra-scratch resistance, and to keep the material dust-free (because dust can scratch glass).

Bonus Gift with Every Purchase

Order your sunglasses organizer today to receive a bonus gift of THREE microfiber cloths. Store this conveniently alongside your glasses helping you quickly wipe away oily finger residue preventing smudging on the lenses and your frames.

Lifetime warranty

Dear friends,
We are happy to serve all of you. We guarantee you a zero-risk purchase in TOBEHIGHEST
If the product was broken on the shipping way. Plz e-mail us with clear photos and we will ship a new one to you again. Just e-mail us.

We are committed to making the most meaningful gifts for your loved ones. Follow us!

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